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New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations
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Welcome to the NZJER

Welcome to the New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations. 

The journal is the essential guide to Employment Relations as it is in New Zealand and covers such topics as employment law and human resource management.  As such it is a key resource for academics, students, researchers and policy makers.

Note: As of Vol 45(1) 2020 this journal is published open access on the Tuwhera website

The editors of the New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations (formerly New Zealand Journal of Industrial Relations) are Dr Felicity Lamm, and Dr. Erling Rasmussen, (Associate Professor and Professor respectively at Auckland University of Technology) and Associate Professor Dr Bernard Walker, University of Canterbury. They have written extensively on employment relations and their research interests range from future employment in the primary sector and the psychological contract to occupational health and safety, the impact of the employment legislation on workers and employment relations in small businesses. They have also undertaken research for public and private sector organisations in both New Zealand and overseas.

The Editors welcome comments, feedback and articles from New Zealand and overseas particularly if it has an international focus.

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